Monday, 30 January 2012

Re: Verizon Wireless, KDDI & China Telecom Officially Join the GSMA at MWC 2010 CDMA Carriers Verizon, KDDI & China Telecom Prepping For LTE

X_ta wrote:
> Don t look now folks but it looks like CDMA is going to be history
> soon. You shouldn t panic and go for a GSM device just yet as CDMA
> carriers aren t going anywhere. They are simply moving on to greener
> pastures. In this case we re talking about LTE, the 4G standard that
> is going to be embraced by a lot of wireless operators around the
> world including Verizon Wireless, KDDI and China Telecom. These three
> are all CDMA carriers that have announced at the MWC 2010 their
> intention of joining the GSMA.
> According to the GSMA press release all three wireless services
> providers will start commercial deployment of LTE this year and they
> expect to deliver high-speed services (LTE included) to more than 150
> million customers in the following three years. The number is
> definitely impressive but that doesn t tell us an awful lot about
> future LTE plans in those specific markets, does it?
> Including Verizon Wireless, KDDI and China Telecom, more than 74
> mobile operators around the world will offer 4G connectivity via LTE.
> The new mobile communication standard will be interoperable with GPRS,
> WCDMA and HSPA which means that we ll be able to use our future LTE
> devices no matter what countries we re going to go to for business or
> pleasure. LTE is basically going to offer us theoretical download and
> upload speeds of up to 100Mbps and 50Mbps, respectively. While these
> peaks won t actually be reached in real life, LTE will still bring us
> a major increase in downlink and uplink speeds and we can t but wish
> for it to arrive sooner. We haven t seen any LTE-ready handsets at MWC
> 2010 and maybe it s too early to want such devices. We ll be waiting
> for major carriers to test LTE by the end of the year and maybe the
> following edition of MWC is going to be more LTE-oriented.
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