Monday, 30 January 2012

Re: Google: 60,000 Android Devices Shipped Daily Google CEO Says Android Phones Are Hot Sellers, Selling Roughly 21.9 Million A Year

X_ta wrote:
> Android has been a pretty popular mobile OS for Google, and it's been
> a hit with customers, developers and cell manufacturers, too. However,
> it's hard to imagine that it's this popular. Google CEO Eric Schmidt,
> giving a keynote at the Mobile World Congress in Spain, mentioned that
> Google and their OEM partners are shipping 60,000 Android phones a day.
> Obviously, all those units aren't Nexus Ones. In addition to the
> phone's steep price, reports on the internet say the phone is selling
> poorly. However, unlike the iPhone OS, there is a wide variety of
> phones shipping worldwide that carry the Android OS and some of them
> are pretty cheap, and appealing.
> If you do the math, then by Eric Schmidt's logic, you can expect 21.9
> million Android phones to ship over the course of 365 days. While that
> may seem like a lot, it might not be. There were 8.7 iPhone sold in
> the last three months of 2009, which, would mean 34.8 million iPhones
> sold over the course of a year.
> When comScore analyzed the smartphone OS marketshare earlier this
> year. They found that the iPhone OS made up 25%, while Android carried
> only 5.2%. You can expect this to change – though. Only one
> company sells and manufacturers devices that use the iPhone OS on a
> mobile phone. Multiple companies make Android phones and sell them at
> multiple price points.
> Furthermore, a wave of cheap smartphones could be coming. We've seen
> Marvell and ST-Ericsson show off low-cost smartphone chipset platforms
> that are designed for Android. As you can imagine, these low-end
> handsets will only further expand Android's marketshare.Read | Or
> scroll down for further on topic reading.
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