Monday, 30 January 2012

Re: Microsoft Planning More Interactive TV Shows On Xbox Live Following Success Of 1 vs. 100, Microsoft Exploring More Interactive IPTV Shows

X_ta wrote:
> Xbox 360 users are constantly inundated with advertisements for
> various IPTV content that Microsoft is pushing on their Xbox Live
> platform. One of them, a IPTV-video game hybrid of the real life TV
> program 1 vs. 100 , has become increasingly popular on the Xbox Live
> platform, and Microsoft wants to create more content like that.
> Although the American version of Dutch gameshow 1 vs. 100 didn't
> last long on television, it lives on via Microsoft's Xbox Live
> platform. It's become something of a IPTV-gaming hybrid that's rather
> hard to explain in abstract terms.
> The show's host and contests are portrayed by Xbox Live Avatars. The
> host is played by comedian Chris Cashman, and The One and The
> Mob (contests on the show) are all real Xbox players, selected to be
> on the program. The game is played live at a weekly time and date.
> While most of the prizes given away are things like points in the
> Microsoft online store and free Xbox Live arcade games, some tangible
> prizes, like Zune MP3 players have been given away. The UK version of
> the interactive game show even gave away two new Fiat cars.
> The show is in its second season on Xbox Live, and it's been doing
> well, both with Xbox Live users and advertisers, with Honda and Sprint
> purportedly each paying $1 million dollars in the first season to
> become major advertisers for the program. Microsoft is attempting to
> sell conventional 30-second ads that would play during the commercial
> breaks.
> Microsoft is pleased with the reception of 1 vs. 100 on their
> platform, and sources within Redmond are informing website Fudzilla
> that the tech giant is now actively developing another interactive
> game show/IPTV/video game that will be in the same vein as the Xbox
> Live version of 1 vs. 100.Read | Or scroll down for further on topic
> reading.
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