Monday, 30 January 2012

Re: Steve Jobs Explains iPadโ€�s Lack of Flash Support Flash to โ€�Hogโ€ the CPU & Drain the Battery of the iPad; No Flash for the iPad

X_ta wrote:
> Yes, I know, you guys already know that Steve Jobs Co. do not
> appreciate Flash on their devices including the iPhone and, more
> importantly, the iPad which is all about a fabulous Internet
> experience. But why is Apple so against Flash? Is Flash bad for you?
> Is HTML5 going to come and sweep us of our feet instantly?
> Steve Jobs apparently explained the lack of Flash in their upcoming
> iPad tablet at the WSJ while he was demoing the device. Naturally the
> guys from Wall Street Journal employ Flash a lot to animate their
> website so it will be weird for their regular readers not to be able
> to access some of that content on the iPad. Apple s CEO is said to
> have been quite clear about Flash and what it does to the iPad.
> Apparently Adobe s software is a �CPU hog �, a source of �security
> holes � and an �old technology � that needs to be replaced. Maybe I
> ll have to tell you yet again how HTML5 is not exactly around the
> corner coming to save our websites and the animations they contain. So
> in the mean time we d love to still use Flash on our computers no
> matter how flawed it is. And I am sure Adobe would have some sort of
> response for Apple. After all, last time I checked Adobe was still
> working on improving Flash.
> Moving back to Steve Jobs explanations it looks like the main reason
> for ditching Flash is battery performance. According to Jobs the
> battery life would go from 10 hours down to 1.5 hours if the CPU would
> be busy with Flash. Well what if we could test that for ourselves? But
> that won t happen anytime soon, would it?
> Therefore it will be interesting to see how well the iPad really does
> perform and how will various newspapers and magazine adapt their
> content to be fully accessible on Apple s tablet. Unfortunately it
> will take a while until everyone moves to the aforementioned HTML5 and
> we re probably going to see quite a few Flashless iPad versions until
> that happens.
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