Monday, 30 January 2012

Re: iPhone 3G App Download Limit Raised to 20MB Up to 20MB App Downloads on iPhone Over 3G Now Supported by Apple & Carriers

X_ta wrote:
> Do you happen to love App Store apps so much that you re downloading
> them at all times no matter where you are? Well in case that s true
> then it means you must also use your 3G unlimited data plan,
> whenever a 3G connection is available, to get as many apps as possible
> while you re on the go. Sure getting them through Wi-Fi or straight
> from your Mac or PC would be the best idea but that s not always
> possible. And we can t go without apps anymore, can we?
> Unfortunately not all the apps out there can be downloaded over 3G. In
> fact over the air app downloads are limited and therefore you wouldn t
> be able to take advantage of all the apps in the App Store. Luckily
> for you AT T and Apple have decided to double that cap to 20MB. That
> means you now can download any app over your 3G connection as long as
> it s not bigger than 20MB. Is that such a good idea for AT T? Will
> this move further clog its already busy 3G network? Time, and most
> probably angry customers, will tell since the upgrade has been
> implemented at some point this week. It s no wonder the upgrade has
> been ignored so far as probably most app users are still getting their
> fix with help of a Wi-Fi connection or through their computer. And it
> looks like AT T is not the only one to support the limit increase.
> Customers from Canada, Australia, The Netherlands, Austria and Germany
> are reporting a similar upgrade which means that we might see most
> carriers raise the OTA app download limitation up to 20MB. Furthermore
> it looks like Apple has raised another limitation from 12MB to 20MB.
> This time around we re talking about the iPhone s iTunes app limit
> which went all the way up to 20MB. What do you have to say iPhone
> users? Have you noticed any 3G performance changes lately?Read | Or
> scroll down for further on topic reading.
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