Monday, 30 January 2012

Re: Sony Ericsson Declined To Make Nexus One SE CEO Tells Swedish Newspaper That They Declined Google's Offer Of Subcontracting

X_ta wrote:
> Taiwan's
> HTC certainly is known for manufacturing great smartphones, but they
> weren't Google's first choice for being the manufacturers behind their
> Nexus One superphone. Sony Ericsson's CEO told Swedish newspaper
> Sydsvenskan that Google approached them about designing and
> manufacturing the Nexus One and they declined.
> Sony Ericsson has a long history in producing smartphones and has
> their own production facilities in China, which Google does not, but
> SE passed on the deal, according to SE CEO Bert Nordberg. Nordberg
> cited that brand recognition was more important for Sony Ericsson than
> the opportunity to produce a product with Google
> It's worth noting that the actual Nexus One is marketed as a Google
> phone . Google's website that sells the handset doesn't mention HTC
> anywhere. Nordberg said that Sony Ericsson will only produce phones
> under its own brand and not be subcontracted to others. Despite the
> non-deal between Sony Ericsson and Google. Nordberg says that
> relations between the two companies remains good. As we reported, Sony
> Ericsson has Android phones coming out soon, and Nordberg told
> Sydsvenskan that SE was betting big on Android. Nordberg added that
> before being appointed CEO of Sony Ericsson, he was head of Ericsson's
> operations in Silicon Valley where he personally met Google CEO Eric
> Schmidt on a number of occasions.
> Nordberg said that Sony Ericsson was also impressed with Windows Phone
> 7, and that the new mobile OS from Microsoft will be appearing on Sony
> Ericsson phones in the future. In recent years, Windows Mobile 6 has
> been the popular OS for Sony Ericsson handsets, but Nordberg told
> Sydsvenskan that We will never bet on just one operating system,
> because we do not know where the market is going. Read | Or scroll
> down for further on topic reading.
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