Monday, 30 January 2012

Re: WiMAX & LTE Available on Same Chip from Beceem & Motorola New 4G Chip Announced at MWC 2010 Packs Both WiMAX & LTE Support

X_ta wrote:
> Who said that WiMAX and LTE have to be enemies? Maybe they can be
> friends ready to work together to offer us 4G speeds in the future. At
> least that s what Beceem s and Motorola s press release at MWC
> 2010 suggests. >
> It looks like there s a way of combining the two 4G standards onto a
> single chip. Beceem Communications, a �leading provider of 4G chips �
> and Motorola are joining their efforts in order to pair Motorola s
> WiMAX infrastructure with Beceem s upcoming BCS500 4G chip. The BCS500
> 4G will apparently support WiMAX 16e and 16m as well as UE Class 4 LTE
> capabilities in TDD and FDD configurations which means WiMAX and LTE
> will coexist on the same chip supporting handoff between WiMAX and LTE
> when needed. That way you d be able to take advantage of the best
> network available to you in any given circumstance. Bruce Brda, senior
> vice president at Motorola Enterprise Mobility Solutions and Network
> business said: The know-how gained during the development and
> deployment of our leading 4G WiMAX solution has contributed to our
> work with Beceem to offer this advanced chipset solution. We look
> forward to the opportunities provided by this capability to address
> market demand.
> Beceem s 4G-WiMAX chips are currently powering �every device in
> Clearwire s network � which is certainly impressive. But there are
> other markets in the world that will also be interested in WiMAX, LTE
> or both in the near future. That s when a hybrid 4G chip capable to
> deal with both technologies could come in handy. Mass production of
> this WiMAX/LTE 4G chip is expected for next year and that s probably
> when we ll actually be able to use LTE and WiMAX in various markets.
> In the mean time we ll have to wait for carriers to properly upgrade
> their networks and make the appropriate changes to their
> infrastructure in preparation of either LTE or WiMAX full commercial
> launch.
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