Monday, 30 January 2012

Re: NVIDIA Doing Well, Despite Lack of Dx11 Cards Graphics Giant Posts $132 Million In Profit In Q4 2009

X_ta wrote:
> AMD-ATI may have the most powerful consumer graphics card on the
> market right now in the Radeon HD 5970, but the folks at NVIDIA are
> still doing well, mostly led by their Quadro line of workstations
> graphics cards. With revenues of $982.5 million, the posted a profit
> of $131.1 million.
> The last new consumer card that NVIDIA released was the GeForce GT
> 240, a low-end $100 card that was released in November 2009. Despite
> NVIDIA's mindshare in the enthusiast community being at an all-time
> low, they're still moving units of their Quadro workstations graphics
> cards, which are different from the GeForce series and are aimed at
> assisting 3D rendering and CAD software vs. gaming.
> Although NVIDIA hasn't come out with anything new since November, they
> showed off their new Ion and Ion 2 mobile graphics chipsets. The long
> tale of Fermi, their next-generation GPU, continued as NVIDIA delayed
> it, assuring us that we can expect to see Fermi-powered GeForce GTX
> 400-series cards sometime in the upcoming months.
> The total number of GPU sales were up for the company, again, which
> were led by strong sales of the Quadro line. NVIDIA expects revenues
> and profits to lower over Q1 2010. Rumor has it that the new GeForce
> GTX 400 series will be launched in late Q1 2010, which should setup
> NVIDIA for a strong Q2 2010, financially speaking.Graphics competitor
> ATI is wholly owned by AMD, and AMD did very well in Q4 of last year
> as well.Read | Or scroll down for further on topic reading.
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