Monday, 30 January 2012

Re: Microsoft Phone 7 Series Phone to be Released by Asus & Microsoft in 2011? Microsoft Making Its Own Windows Mobile 7 Phone After All? Asus to Help Too

X_ta wrote:
> How does one refer to a Microsoft handset running Windows Mobile 7?
> Are we talking about a Windows Phone 7 Series smartphone? Or do we
> simply call it a Windows Phone 7 Phone until we have a name for it?
> Call it whatever you will but it looks like Microsoft is interesting
> in building its own smartphone running its latest mobile OS after all.
> The company is rumored to work exclusively with Asus and the phone
> should be announced at some point in 2011; at the next MWC maybe? This
> year we haven t seen any Zune Phone miraculously appear at MWC 2010
> and Microsoft hasn t announced any other handsets of its own. We know
> that it s working on some entry-level Project Pink featurephones which
> are to be revealed in March or maybe even later. But, as far as
> everyone knows, Redmond will not launch a Windows Mobile 7 smartphone
> this year. Apple has the iPhone and Google has the Nexus One, which is
> expected to be followed by other Android handsets from the Nexus
> family, so why shouldn t Microsoft cook up their own handset?
> Ashok Kumar, an analyst that apparently spoke with Microsoft s
> suppliers and design partners, says that the Windows Phone 7 Phone
> (there I said it again and it still sounds weird) will be a candybar
> touchscreen device ready to run the latest Microsoft mobile OS. In
> fact it looks like this phone is already in production but we won t
> see it arrive this year. It appears there are some problems with the
> production itself, maybe some blue screens of death here and there,
> but everything is still going according to plan. Microsoft has not
> confirmed this phone and it might not do it in the near future either.
> It will be interesting to see how an Asus-made smartphone running
> Microsoft s Windows Phone 7 will compete against the next-gen iPhone
> or the upcoming Android devices. Words like �next Apple iPhone killer
> or Google Android annihilator � have been used although I really don t
> know any iPhone killer yet.Read | Or scroll down for further on topic
> reading.
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