Monday, 30 January 2012

Re: Sony STR-DN1010 3D-Ready AV Receiver Revealed Sony Adds 3D Video Capability To Mid-Range Receiver Line

X_ta wrote:
> Sony has unveiled a new AV receiver capable of handling 3D vid
> eo from Blu Ray sources including the Playstation 3.ย The Sony
> STR-DN1010 is the first of its kind from Sony, adding 3D video
> capability to home entertainment systems.
> The new Sony STR-DN1010 receiver has four HDMI inputs, each of which
> are capable of passing 3D video from a range of sources including Blu
> Ray players and the Playstation 3.ย On the audio side, the STR-DN1010
> supports 7.1 channel Dolby surround at 110W per channel and includes
> DTS audio processing.ย It also features a dock for iPods and iPhones,
> as well as S-AIR wireless audio for cable-free connectivity to other
> supported devices.
> The Sony STR-DN1010 receiver will begin shipping in June for $500.ย
> News of Sony's 3D-capable receiver came along with news of other,
> lower-end Sony receivers, each of which provides similar connectivity
> and processing as the STR-DN1010, but none of which will be
> 3D-ready.ย The Sony STR-DH810 receiver will sell for $400, offering
> all of the STR-DN1010's firepower without the 3D video capabilities.ย
> The STR-DH510 receiver, available in March for $230, will feature
> three HDMI inputs, two component inputs and will only support
> 5.1-channel Dolby surround sound.Read | Or scroll down for further on
> topic reading.
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