Monday, 30 January 2012

Re: iPhone 4G Front-Facing Camera Confirmed by Apple Patent? Apple Patent Reveals Front-Facing Camera for Handsets; iPhone 4G to Gain Video Call Ability?

X_ta wrote:
> You know how the drill with Apple patents is, don t you, folks? Not
> everything we get to read from Cupertino gets implemented right away
> so there s no point in getting overexcited yet about a front-facing
> camera in the next-gen Apple handset, the iPhone 4G.
> The filing, entitled Apparatus and Method for Compensating for
> Variations in Digital Cameras, talks basically about the quality of
> the current cameras found in iPhone and iPod models and ways to
> improve those phone cameras in future models. While all that sounds
> good and dandy we re more interested in the picture above which is
> taken from the patent.
> As you can see Apple is considering a front-facing camera for its
> handsets and the upcoming iPhone versions could get it. In fact it has
> been suggested more than once that the next-gen iPhone will come with
> such a feature on board. After all it s not the first time customers
> ask for video capabilities from the iPhone but maybe this time our
> wishes will be heard.
> The iPad was rumored to come with two cameras on board, one for video
> conferencing and one for pictures and video recording, although the
> iPad doesn t really seem fit for that. When Steve Jobs unveiled the
> device we were all unpleasantly surprised to find no camera on board.
> Sure we also need the software to support a front-facing camera and
> maybe iPhone OS 4.0 will do that, among other spectacular things. As
> we ve seen earlier on today iPhone OS 4.0 is rumored to be unveiled at
> some point in March. Would Apple really do such a thing? Unveil iPhone
> OS 4.0 before an actual iPhone 4G hits the market?
> Either way this new patent gives us an idea of what Apple is planning
> to do in the future. Let s just hope that the picture depicts the very
> near future. It will be really annoying to be disappointed for the
> third time in a row by the lack of a front-facing camera.Read | Or
> scroll down for further on topic reading.
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