Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Open-PC Is A Completely Open-Source Nettop PC Open-PC Features Open Software, Open Spec Hardware

Do you want to enjoy the pleasures of a small, low-power consumption
nettop but don't want to use the evil Microsoft Windows? Perhaps you
even have issue with buying an ASUS nettop since it would have Windows
pre-installed and Redmond would still be getting a share of money from
it? In that case, openDesktop.org has
something for you, the Open-PC built with all open source software and
open spec hardware.
The team behind open-PC bills their nettop as the first PC built by the
community for the community. Thankfully, it isn't as bad as some
community-designed products we've seen. It will come with a KDE/Linux
operating system pre-installed and configured to work with the machine.
All of the software installed is 100% free, and it only uses free
drivers for the hardware. On the hardware side, the openDesktop team
only used parts with complete technical specifications, as provided by
the manufacturers , were used.ย It isn't a super small and thin nettop
that we've seen from ASUS or some others, but it does use a micro-ITX
case which should be small enough for most consumers. Overall, the case
doesn't look that bad.
As for the specs, it's running an Intel Atom N330 processor (clocked at
1.6GHz), featuring 3GB of RAM and a 160GB HDD. Graphics are being
provided by the processor and everything is running on an ASRock
They're asking โ�EUR359 for the Open-PC, which includes a โ�EUR10
donation to the KDE project to make you feel good inside. The Open-PC
will start shipping at the end of February 2010 .
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