Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Monster PowerNet 1G Adapter Revealed Monster's Powerline Network Adapter Takes "World's Fastest" Claim

I've never understood the appeal of Powerline networking, which is, for
the uninformed, using power outlets and the powerlines behind them as a
wired network connection. One reason they've always been undesirable, is
their speed. Most Powerline network adapters only promise you a max
network transfer speed of around 14 Mbps. However, Monster may have
solved that problem with their new PowerNet 1G adapter, which they claim
is the fastest yet.
The folks at Monster Cable have built this PowerNet 1G adapter with the
help of an Atheros AR7400 chipset. This chipset allows a theoretical
transfer speed of 500Mbps, which is considerably faster than anything
else out there.
As with all specs provided by the tech company, take it with a grain of
salt as your results may vary. I'm not really sure how Monster Cable
figures their PowerNet G1 is the world's fastest when the Belkin
Powerline HD has been out for a year and promises speeds of 1Gbps.
The Monster PowerNet 1G adapter will cost you $300 for one (keep in mind
you'll need two to make it work, Monster currently offers a deal if you
buy two at the same time from their website, hopefully they'll do that
for the 1G). No word on pricing or a release date. Certainly, having a
wired network connection to every room in the house would be nice, and
maybe with the PowerNet 1G you can have Ethernet-type speeds to every room.
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