Monday, 30 January 2012

Re: Samsung SL630 Camera Revealed New Compact Point-and-Shoot Offers 12.2-Megapixels

X_ta wrote:
> Samsung's got a new point-and-shoot digital camera coming next month.
> The SL630 is a new addition to Samsung's SL-series of compact digital
> cameras, and this one measures in at only 0.8-inches thick. In
> addition to its slim design, it's also got a big 12.2-megapixel
> sensor, as well as a wide-angle lens made by Samsung.
> Samsung has forgone going to Ziess or Schneider Kreuznach for their
> lens and instead, has manufactured their own for this camera. It's a
> 28mm wide-angle lens, that comes with a 5x optical zoom. The battery
> will be a rechargeable lithium-ion, and on the back, it'll have a
> 2.7-inch LCD screen.
> The Samsung SL630 will have two separate modes of image stabilization.
> One, Optical IS, will compensate for shaky hands by shifting the lens.
> When that isn't enough, you can switch to Digital IS where the
> camera's on-board processor can stabilize the images. Other
> photographic features like facial recognition and autofocus are included.
> Samsung is including a new feature called Perfect Portrait System
> which assists the photographer in taking portrait shots. Something
> else that is new to the SL-series is a video mode. The SL630 can
> record video at 30 fps, although it'll only be at standard definition
> at 480i.
> This looks like it'll be a fine entry-level point-and-shoot camera
> from Samsung. It's set to be released in March 2010. In Europe, it'll
> be sold as the PL80 and will cost pound sterling130 ($201) with no
> word on if the North American pricing will differ.Read | Or scroll
> down for further on topic reading.
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