Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Nokia to Make Symbian-based Tablets & Netbooks in the Following Years Symbian Tablets & Netbooks Confirmed by the Symbian Foundation?

Some really surprising news comes all the way from the Symbian
Foundation. It seems that chief executive Lee Williams has almost
confirmed Symbian tablets and netbooks plans in a recent interview.
Without revealing actual launch dates or product names he did say that
�it s very likely that, in the next year or two, � such devices will be
Are you surprised? Happy? Well whatever you re feeling right now you ll
have to wait a long while until Nokia, or other manufacturers for that
matter, are ready to offer us a dependable tablet or notebook running
What Nokia must do for now is come up with a new Symbian OS version
capable to resurrect their smartphone business. Current Nokia
smartphones aren t bad, don t get me wrong, but the possibilities of
current Symbian versions seem finite. We want more, don t we?
Nokia has already confirmed that Symbian v3 and v4 are coming out later
this year while Symbian v2 will be entirely skipped. Therefore the first
smartphones running Symbian v3 are going to arrive probably before the
holidays while Symbian v4 devices will be available early next year.
Symbian v4 might be one of the candidate OS for future Nokia netbooks
and tablets as it s supposed to �introduce a whole new graphical
approach for the UI. � Nine different types of displays are going to be
supported which doesn t sound that bad, does it.
But it s not only looks and appearances that we re looking for in
Symbian future versions. We also want them to be fast, support
multitasking, get us where we need to be easier than any of its
predecessors, and add a little magic on top of everything. Is that too
much to ask from a mobile platform?
Hopefully Nokia, and other manufacturers, will find a way to launch
their own tablets next year. Not because we need tablets and notebooks
running Symbian OS but because some competition in these particular
fields wouldn t hurt. And if Nokia manages to do that with their
proprietary OS it will also mean that their future Symbian v3 and v4
smartphones will be terrific machines.
What s the last Symbian-based smartphone you purchased?
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