Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Korean Theaters Get Avatar in 4D Koren Firm Adds Environmental Effects To 3D Avatar Experience

The Korean multiplex theater firm CJ-CGV now offers a 4D theater
experience of the blockbuster film Avatar .ย Avatar 4D brings
environmental effects to the existing 3D format, includ
ing moving seats, mist, laser lights and wind.
While the Avatar film continues to set new box office ticket sales
records, the CJ-CGV group of Korean multiplex theaters hope to further
cash in on its success.ย For an increased ticket price of $15.80
(normal Avatar seats are available for $6.90), Korean Avatar fans
can watch the 3D version of the film with 30 different environmental
effects.ย The theater seats tremble, winds wash across the audience and
laser lights add new dimension to the 3D experience of Avatar .
Avatar is not the first film to get the 4D treatment at CJ-CGV
multiplexes.ย CJ-CGV hopes to add 10 more 4D films to its schedule this
year, thanks to a partnership between Wonderworld Studios and LA-based
Animation Picture Co.ย As is true with most Korean technical
innovations, it's only a matter of time before the 4D trend crosses over
into the United States.ย It's likely that such a crossover wouldn't
happen for Avatar in the US, but 20th Century Fox could implement 4D
to squeeze more revenues out of the hit title late in its theater run.
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