Tuesday, 22 February 2011

HTC Incredible Leaked Pictures, Information Leaked On HTC's Next High-End Smartphone

Pictures and information have hit the internet blogosphere regarding a
new smartphone coming from HTC. The HTC Incredible as it will
allegedly be called, has been revealed in a few large pictures, as well
as a paragraph of text regarding the specs of the phone. It will run on
Verizon and appears to be the typical high-end smartphones that HTC is
known for.
The reported stats of the HTC Incredible are that it'll include a
Snapdragon processor. The leak didn't have the exact speed, but reported
that the phone is fast, really fast , which leads us to pin it as
having a 1GHz processor – or faster. The phone will have 256MB of
RAM. No exact measurement on the screen size, but pocketnow.com, who
broke the story, is estimating either a 3.5- to 3.7-inch screen, which
would put it at the same large size as the Nexus One.
The source who got their hands on the phone said the screen is very
vibrant and estimates that it's an OLED screen, which we have to concur
with, considering the leaked pictures of the device. The device also
will feature an optical mouse pointer at the bottom of the device, (or
as RIM calls them, an optical trackball). The phone features a digital
camera, along with dual LED flashes.
On the software side, the phone was shown running Android 2.1, wrapping
up in HTC's Sense UI. The source told pocketnow.com that the device will
be carried by Verizon, which implies a CDMA radio inside of it. It's
certainly an 'incredible' looking device. No word on a release date or

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