Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Intel Preparing More Power Integrated Graphics Intel's Sandy Bridge To Feature 2X Graphics Power, Probably Still Not Enough

Per reports on the internet, processor manufacturer Intel has been
giving information to its top sales clients that its upcoming next
generation CPU, code named Sandy Bridge will offer a twofold
performance increase with onboard graphics processing over existing
Intel processors and chipsets.
Integrated graphics are notoriously awful, and anybody with serious
gaming/computer has used a dedicated graphics card since the late
1990's, but lately, reports have come around that more and more people
are getting pleased with the Intel HD integrated graphics provided by
Arrandale and Clarkdale.
As tech site Fudzilla reports, the current Intel HD graphics inside
Arrandale and Clarkdale .. can play Call of Duty WoW at 1024×764
at an acceptable frame rate. Still, integrated graphics are typically
horrible and underpowered when compared to dedicated graphics processors.
If Intel can achieve a 2x graphics power from their integrated graphics,
then certainly this would take away some graphics cards sales at the
low-end of the market. Graphics giant NVIDIA and Intel have no love
between them. The two have a long standing feud, and NVIDIA has been
pushing for a while that their more powerful graphics cores could
possibly handle some of the tasks that the applications processor would
traditionally handle.
Unfortunately, Intel's roadmap doesn't have Sandy Bridge processors
coming out until Q1 of 2011, so any interested parties will have to
wait. Of course, it remains to be see if these chips are actually much
more powerful or if Intel is overgeneralizing to sell chips.
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