Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Hutchison Austria Announces iPad Data Plans Already Hutchison Austria to Sell Subsidized Apple iPad Wi-Fi with 2-Year i-Mo 3G Modem Plan

Just a little over one week has passed since Apple made its iPad
official and the first carrier outside the USA that s going to offer the
device has just been revealed. It looks like the company in question is
Hutchison Austria and it already has plans to offer the iPad for
subsidized pricing. And I do mean the Wi-Fi version.
In case you don t know what the difference between iPad Wi-Fi and iPad
3G is I ll be happy to explain while wondering where you have been
living this past week. The iPad Wi-Fi, that s not an official name, but
we do have to differentiate them somehow, comes with Wi-Fi support on
board only. The Wi-Fi version will be available worldwide at some point
late March while the iPad 3G, the tablet that also happens to pack 3G
support besides Wi-Fi, will come to us in late April.
In the USA AT T will take care of your data plans without expecting you
to sign any contracts but in this case you won t get the iPad for a
subsidized price.
In other countries things will be a little different. In Austria
Hutchison will get you a cheaper iPad Wi-Fi as long as you re willing to
sign a new two-year contract worth โ�EUR29.90 per month and offering you
5GB of monthly traffic. Naturally you re going to wonder where the
Internet comes from since the Wi-Fi tablet doesn t have 3G support. Well
Hutchison is throwing in a 3G modem for every iPad Wi-Fi sold. The
Huawei-made i-Mo modem is basically a wireless Wi-Fi router that s going
to transform that 3G connection into a wireless network. It s quite a
pretty neat trick so if you re going to get such data plans from
Hutchison why not get a subsidized iPad too?
The carrier will offer you a โ�EUR333 rebate of the iPad s price, which
is a pretty cool deal. Assuming that the cheapest iPad will cost
โ�EUR499 then a subsidized version should only cost you 166. Let s hear
it, Austrians, are you going to get the iPad with a 3G contract or not?
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