Tuesday, 22 February 2011

LG Arena Max LU9400 Gets Leaked LG Arena Max Spotted in Japan; to be Launched at MWC 2010?

Can you feel the MWC 2010 fever? We re about to see lots of phones get
either leaked or official in the following weeks so in case you plan to
buy a phone these days, you d better hold your horses for a while. Maybe
your next phone is just around the corner and you don t even know ab
out it.
After we ve seen the Android 2.1-running HTC Incredible earlier today we
now have the LG Arena Max to look at. Also known as the LG LU9400, the
new LG creation has been spotted in the wild in Korea. While we have no
idea when the phone will actually get launched we can only expect LG to
announce it at some point next week during the Mobile World Congress
that s about to start in Barcelona, Spain.
Those of you that liked the original LG Arena will definitely love its
successor. The Arena Max will come with a 3.5-inch touchscreen display,
Wi-Fi, GPS, a 5-megapixel camera and a powerful 1GHz Snapdragon
processor from Snapdragon.
Will the phone run Android OS? Maybe Windows Mobile? We don t know any
of that, at least for now. The LG Arena Max might end up to be just
another featurephone like its predecessor, not that we don t like those.
But featurephones can never compete accordingly against smartphones so
we re really counting on LG to announce some hot smartphones at MWC that
could handle Android or Windows Mobile.
LG didn t release any official confirmation of this device yet, and from
the looks of the leaked picture we only know that the Arena Max will be
heading to Korea at some point in the near future. That doesn t mean
that other markets will not receive it too later this year so we expect
to see the Arena Max in its official suit at MWC 2010.
What do you say Arena owners, will you upgrade to the Arena Max or are
you going to move something entirely different?
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