Tuesday, 22 February 2011

D-Link Adds Another Home Media Box With The Pebble D-Link Pebble Lets You Stream Digital Content To Your TV Via Home Network

Nothing really revolutionary about this, we've seen a ton of these boxes
that let you wirelessly stream content from your home network to your
HDTV sets. The newest is the Pebble, from D-Link, who are better known
for their networking equipment, like routers and such.
One thing that makes the D-Link Pebble stand apart from the tens
hundreds of other digital media devices we've seen is its unique design.
It's shaped like, well, a pebble and its small, black and compact. No
surprise that this is coming from D-Link, after all, they're the ones
behind the unique design of the Boxee Box.
On the technical side, nothing that will change your opinion of the
space. It will can connect to a home network, either via Ethernet or
802.11n WiFi. From there, it can play any video or audio you want, or
display pictures that are stored on networked computers or network
attached storage.
Via the Pebble's USB 2.0 ports, you can play content off of USB thumb
drives or external hard drives attached to the device via USB. D-Link
also has promised a SD card slot for further media-playing options. No
word on what resolutions it will play, but D-Link promises that it can
playback high resolution quality video. For video-out, it does have a
HDMI 1.3 port.
D-Link will be aiming for the entry-level of the market and will only be
charging $120 for the device. Excited? You can expect to start seeing
the D-Link Pebble for sale online and in retail store sometime in the
first half of 2010.
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