Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Wacom Reveals Wireless Intuos4 Tablet Wacom Intuos4 Adds Bluetooth To Popular Graphics Tablet Line

Wacom has updated their popular Intuos4 line of tablet input devices
with wireless connectivity.ย The new Wacom Intuos4 tablets will offer a
cable-free connection using Bluetooth wireless for mobile-minded
graphics professionals.
Beyond the wireless update for the new Intuos4 devices, Wacom has left
the rest of its tablet pretty much the same.ย The left column of
buttons and controls are unchanged, as is the curvy build-factor of the
unit.ย From a hardware perspective, Wacom has only added a new stylus
clip and LEDs to display charge status and wireless connectivity.ย The
addition of Bluetooth wireless, however, is enough to merit the $50 bump
in pricing.ย The new Wacom Intuos4 will let its users forego cables for
a cleaner, wire-free desktop or a mobile-friendly connection when on-the-go.
The new Bluetooth-ready Wacom Intuos4 graphics tablet will begin
shipping in March for $400.ย At present, only the medium version of the
Intuos4 line will be wireless capable, with no word on the inevitable
extension of Bluetooth connectivity to the rest of Wacom's tablet
devices.ย This alone, however, is a great step forward for Wacom.
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