Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Samsung Integrated Touchscreen AMOLED Panels Coming in March First Integrated Touchscreen AMOLED Cell Phone Displays Coming Next Month

Samsung might not be the number one cell phone maker out there but it s
definitely a huge company with a lot of potential. To prove that Samsung
will be ready to start making the first integrated touchscreen AMOLED
panels in the world in March. Sa
id panels will definitely be very useful in upcoming touch-friendly
phones and we should see them soon equip various models.
Samsung Mobile Display is apparently working on the new and very
impressive technology. The new 3.3-inch touch-embedded AMOLED panels
coming next month could equip a plethora of touchscreen phones not only
from Samsung but other manufacturers too. Once produced the panels could
be used for the next-gen compact cameras too and thus replace regular
non-touch LCD screens currently found on most point-and-shoot digital
Do we really need this new technology? Well we could definitely use
brighter panels for our phones so why not go for devices sporting AMOLED
displays with embedded touch sensors instead of the regular screens we
have now? The same thing goes for digital cameras too.
The new panels employ .001 mm thin touch sensors on-cell on a 3.3-inch
AMOLED display. The sensors are placed between the substrate and the
polarizer film on the bottom. That sounds awfully complicated but
regular smartphone and compact camera users should know that once we
start using these new panels there s no need for any glass panel on top
of the display anymore.
Naturally this new technology will not be immediately available to the
masses. And in case the masses will want to get it, we can expect them
to be willing to pay just a little more for touch-embedded AMOLED
touchscreen displays than for regular ones. That means that the first
smartphones and cameras coming with such new displays should be rather
premium devices capable to offer lots of other different features.
While compact cameras with touchscreen displays are not necessarily a
must, smartphones with better touchscreens are definitely going to be in
fashion. And with Samsung s bada OS and Microsoft s Windows Mobile 7
coming out soon we might see handset makers create just the premium
smartphones we expect them to make later this year. Those high-end
smartphones could all use this new AMOLED touchscreen display wizardry.
In case Google is watching then maybe a future Android phone from the
Nexus family could also wear one of these new screens!
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