Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Verizon iPad Release Apparently Not Ruled Out Verizon iPad Rumoured: Agreement to Supply the iPad A Done Deal?

Unless you've been living under a rock you should know that during last
week's Apple event in San Francisco, Steve Jobs unveiled the much
rumored iPad tablet — a device that somehow failed to impress the
tech world. Speaking of the event, Apple has ruled out Verizon from the
equation (despite early rumors) and only mentioned AT T as the 3G
carrier for the iPad, but things have changed today wh
en Fox News' Clayton Morris announced that the two companies are
supposedly close to reaching an agreement.
what it looks like, Apple and Big Red have been in rushed talks
regarding an iPad Verizon release just one week ahead of the official
unveiling, but couldn't reach an agreement. Does that mean we're going
to see a CDMA iPad version soon, given the fact that this time Apple
didn't mention any AT T exclusivities? Apparently that's what Morris
thinks, although he stayed tight-lipped regarding his sources.
So when exactly are we going to see the Apple iPad on the biggest U.S.
wireless carrier if rumors confirm? Our bet : before the company's
Worldwide Developers Conference that will be held in June.
Way to go Verizon,now we want the iPhone, please!

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