Friday, 3 December 2010

Virgin Mobile HSPA+ Network Arrives in Canada iPhone 3GS & BlackBerry 9700 Available from Virgin Mobile Canada

Virgin Mobile Canada is ready for the next level and in this case it
means HSPA+ support for its Canadians customers. Bell, Telus and Rogers
should be ready to deal with some extra competition from Virgin Mobile
when it comes to 3G plans and smartphones.
Virgin Mobile is ready to offer you some high speed download and upload
links, at least in theory of course. Using Bell s network Virgin will
reach 93% of Canadians. Virgin will offer 21.6Mbps download speeds and
5.76Mbps upload speeds, but you should know that it s highly unlikely to
actually reach those peaks.
In order to make sure its customers are interested in the new 3G+
network, Virgin Mobile is ready to offer them some very hot phones. The
smartphones in question are coming from Apple and RIM and I m talking
about the iPhone 3G and 3GS and the BlackBerry Bold 9700. In case that
you hate these particular handsets then Virgin has a plethora of LG,
Samsung and other RIM phones ready for you to enjoy.
Furthermore it will also offer you various Broadband2Go solutions and
even a wireless MiFi solution needed to share your 3G connection with
your friends and family.
In order to take advantage of subsidized prices you will have to sign up
for a regular Canadian-style three-year contract that includes data too.
Smartphone plans start at $50 per month and for that monthly fee you get
500MB of data, 200 anytime minutes and unlimited evenings and weekends
minutes. Smartphone plans go all the way up to $100 per month and in
case you choose the most expensive plan you will get 3GB of monthly
data, 500 of anytime minutes and unlimited evenings and weekends minutes.
Depending on what plan you select you ll be able to also get Voicemail
10 Call Display and/or unlimited Text Picture Messaging. Visual
Voicemail is included on all $80 and $100 smartphone plans. Furthermore
all smartphone plans will let you do some tethering and enjoy free Wi-Fi
in over 680 Starbucks locations. Does that sound like something you d go
In case this doesn t work out for you then you can simply customize your
smartphone plans according to your needs in order to be able to take
advantage of Virgin Mobile s new HSPA+ network as cost effective as

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