Friday, 3 December 2010

Cypress Semiconductor Shows Off TrueTouch Display TrueTouch Display Features 10-Finger Tracking

Video of a new prototype out of the Cypress Semiconductor's Silicon
Valley laps emerged today. They're new multi-touch screen, called the
TrueTouch, is capable of tracking up to 10-fingers on it's display.
While you likely won't buy a TrueTouch display for yourself, their
technology might start showing up in computer displays and mobile phone
Their current prototype is 14-inches, but Cypress can easily scale their
screens anywhere from
7-inches (for tablets and netbooks) to 17-inches (for big notebooks).
Their screens will work out of the box with Windows 7. As we saw with
the 3M touchscreens, support for Mac, Linux and earlier versions of
Windows will probably be able to be patched in.
Cypress, who produce OEM parts for manufacturers, has been producing
touch screens for sometime and (they say) they were pioneers in the
capacitive touchscreen space. Since they were founded in 1982, they've
amassed 1650 patents and another 1100 are pending.
Obviously, with the iPhone, iPad and Nexus One, multi-touch is a big
deal. We'll only see more of it in the future (to be honest, it's more
realistic than consumer 3D) in computers, mobile phones and other of our
�With the current buzz around tablet PC products, this technology is
one of the hottest new capabilities from Cypress. Our TrueTouch
touchscreen solution was the industry s first to offer multi-touch
all-point tracking of unlimited fingers, Cypress vice president Dhwani
Vyas said in the press release.
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