Friday, 3 December 2010

Samsung Unleashes New Blu-Ray Players Samsung's BD-C7500 Is World's Thinnest At 1.1-inches Thick

At CES earlier this month, Samsung took the time to unveil a new set of
Blu-Ray players for the coming year. The four new players are all pretty
typical, but the high-end unit of the four, the BD-C7500 will be the
world's thinnest at just 1.1-inches thick.
The BD-C7500 will have a wood-style finish which Samsung calls
'nature-inspired' (similar wording to ASUS' bamboo notebooks, but those
had actual bamboo in them). In addition to the faux wood, it's got a
glossy coat on the top and holds the current crown for world's thinnest
But don't mistake the BD-C7500 for just being a pretty face. It features
improved disc loading and boot up times over Samsung's earlier Blu-ray
players. It's of course capable of full 1080p playback at 24 fps and
doesn't do any up converting for an au natural fluid motion on the
screen. The BD-C7500 can be used either mounted to wall (ideally,
discreetly behind an HDTV), or placed at an 25-degree angle, or placed
flat. It does everything, expect play VHS tapes.
As for the other three models that Samsung rolled out, the BD-C6900 will
be a 3D Blu-Ray player to fill the current popularity rush of 3D
products. The third player, the BD-C6500 will be small and Samsung is
promoting it as one of the fastest players with 15-second disc load and
boot up times. To round out the Fantastic Four, the BD-C5500 is for the
eco-friendly, as it uses just 13W when in use and just 0.1W when in
standby mode.
All of the new players will sport an Ethernet port for access to IPTV,
and Samsung is also promising an app store so you can run applications
on your Blu-Ray player. No pricing for these players, but you can expect
them in the second half of this year.

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