Saturday, 4 December 2010

Samsung bada Smartphone Coming to MWC 2010 Samsung to Announce bada OS-based Phone at MWC?

Although we re mostly waiting for Windows Mobile 7 to arrive this month
in Barcelona, Microsoft s new mobile platform is not the only one to
turn a couple of heads at MWC 2010. In fact we re hearing that Samsung s
own OS is also going to be featured in Spain and we might just see the
first bada OS-based phone get announced in about two weeks from now.
Needless to say that we re expecting bada to be a more than impressive
OS. Maybe even more impressive than Windows Mobile 7! Microsoft has
already established itself as a pretty successful mobile OS developers
but Samsung is just toying with this new environment. If bada won t make
a proper impression soon chances are that customers will ignore it in
favor of other mobile platforms.
On the other hand it s only fair for Samsung to make its home-brewed OS
since regular OS makers like Microsoft and Google have launched or will
launch their own smartphones this year.
The bada OS has already been shown to various mobile carriers around the
world and it seems that it has been very well received. The first
smartphone running bada OS is therefore expected to arrive at the MWC .
We don t know how will the first bada phone look like in terms of specs
but we re expecting a lot from him. The phone should be capable to
compete with some of the hottest smartphones currently available in
stores so we re really counting on it to sport some very competitive
Bada will come with the latest version of TouchWiz on board. Flash
support will also be available and the user interface promises a lot
although we haven t really seen bada in action so far, have we?
The bada phone could very well become a great alternative to iPhones,
Android, webOS and BlackBerry devices. It case bada takes of it will be
interesting to see who will Samsung ditch first, Android, Windows Mobile
or both?
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