Saturday, 4 December 2010

Nokia Ovi Orion Looks Too Good to be True Nokia Ovi Orion Concept Phone Shows Us What Could Be but Isn’t

You simply have to love the phone in the pictures here! It has a bold
design which immediately makes you think it s capable of some marvelous
things. Unfortunately the device is just a concept phone that wants to
show us that Nokia still has the potential of creating impressive handsets.
Called the Ovi Orion the phone seems to be a ga
ming-centered device. That s a little strange considering that the
Finnish company will discontinue its famous N-Gage gaming platform in
the near future.
The iPhone-like Ovi Orin concept phone comes with features like a
4.3-inch touhscreen display, HSDPA support, Wi-Fi, a full QWERTY
keyboard and secondary display on the back and some great processor
ready to support all the mobile gaming you want.
According to the designers the Ovi Orion would be to the iPhone what the
Xbox 360 is to the Wii. In other words the Ovi Orion should be capable
of better games considering the fact that it will sport a �killer CPU
and GPU. �
Besides the obvious gaming capabilities of the phone we also noticed the
full QWERTY keyboard on the back. Coupled with a secondary screen the
keyboard seems to be the perfect solution for writing up fast SMS
messages and emails without actually using the virtual keyboard.
One could only hope that Nokia officials see some of these shots too.
After all Nokia fans have been waiting for a great smartphone for a
couple of years already. The Ovi Orion could fill those shoes as it will
surely sport other impressive smartphone features besides gaming.
The MWC 2010 is just around the corner and last time I checked Nokia was
not formally attending it. But Nokia will definitely hold its own press
event during the MWC and we re counting on its officials to reveal their
plans for this year. We might not see an Ovi Orion soon but we can
certainly hope Nokia will be able to make such a handset in the
following years.

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