Saturday, 4 December 2010

Nexus One Getting Multi-Touch Functionality Google Rolling Out Multi-Touch Support To Android 2.0, Deal With Apple Reached?

Last week, we told you about the reports that sources within Google were
blaming the company's deal with Apple for the reason that Nexus One
phones in the United States didn't have general multi-touch support. An
entry on the Google Nexus One blog revealed that they'll be rolling out
an update today that will enable multi-touch on the phone.
Multi-touch, which Google's blog entry calls pinch-to-zoom
functionality , will be rolled out to all Nexus One phones via an
over-the-air update. More specifically, the multi-touch will be enabled
in the browser, Gallery app and Maps applications. No word from Google
on if it will be enabled for third-party apps, and since the news just
broke, reports from Nexus One users haven't come in yet.
Remember that Nexus One handsets in the US had limited multi-touch in
the phone's virtual keyboard only. TechCruch is also reporting that
Google is now letting mobile phone manufacturers and carriers decide if
they want to enable multi-touch on any currently available Android 2.x
smartphone, via a over-the-air update.
As we reported last week, sources within Google were telling the
internet press that Google wasn't including multi-touch on their phones
because of a deal with Apple. Apple's multi-touch patent in the United
States is very 'weak' and 'undefendable'.We've already seen multi-touch
on the Palm Pre (without a lawsuit from Apple), and Motorola's CEO
didn't seem to be phased by any Apple patents, as he revealed that
multi-touch would be coming on Motorola Android phones in the future.
Is a corporate rivalry brewing between Cupertino and Mountain View?
We'll let you decide, but if any Nexus One users out there got the
multi-touch update, please feel to post your opinions in the comments

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