Friday, 3 December 2010

Real Apple Tablet Pictures Get Leaked Ahead of Official Launch? New Apple Tablet Pics Look Real; Could Still be Fake

Yesterday we showed you new leaked pictures of the Apple tablet, which
you'll find just below. Although the rendered Apple tablet looked like
we imagine it should look, we
couldn t confirm whether they were real or fake. Today, a few hours
before Apple s event in San Francisco, we found more pics that look like
the real thing and you can see and judge them all just after the jump.
It looks like the Holy Grail of tablets has been finally uncovered but
the pics here might still be fake. Sure there are various elements that
can make us think that we re looking at the actual tablet. On the other
hand technology has advanced so much that it can truly fool our senses.
Just watch Avatar in 3D and if those ingenious people designing the Na
vi made our eyes and brain see those drawings as real alien people I
imagine that an iPhone-like tablet rendering is even easier to accomplish.
Getting back to those pics you ll notice some interesting details. The
device looks like a larger iPhone. The home button is present just like
in earlier renderings and the whole thing is enclosed in a leather case.
iPhone OS is clearly running on the device and we re looking at some
kind of a map there which is displayed at a very high resolution. Some
parts of the pictures are intentionally hidden from the eye but we can
clearly see the top left corner that says œNo Service � while also
displaying the Wi-Fi icon next to it.
The screen seems to measure around 9 to 10 inches so we might be looking
at the real thing.
On the other hand the design has everything needed to make our mind
think it s showing the original tablet. It is somewhat blurry and it
does hide various parts of the display in order to give us the
impression that we re looking at the real tablet. The device has the
shape of a larger iPhone and it s even running an app that reminds us of
the user interface of Apple s handset. In other words our brain is
looking exactly at the image it already thinks it should see and thus
draws the conclusion that the pictures can be real.
What do you say folks? Is it the real thing or are we looking at
the creation of a Photoshop master here?
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