Friday, 3 December 2010

Toyota FT-CH Hybrid Concept Debuts in Detroit Small Sized Prius Disguised as FT-CH Compact Hybrid Concept

Although not the best looking car we've laid eyes on, Toyota Prius has
had a great success for staying low on fuel consumption. But given the
fact that people actually consider the car's design whe
n spending money, the Japanese manufacturer is back in the game with a
new Toyota FT-CH compact hybrid vehicle that many thing it's a much
cooler and smaller sized Prius.
Unveiled at this year's North American International Auto Show (NAIAS
2010) in Detroit, the FT-CH has been designed at Toyota s European
design center and is 22-inches shorter than the Prius. The compact
hybrid uses an 8-bit motif, has a set of LED headlights hung to the
windshield, mesh seats and lacks the rear bumper. Another thing to
appeal with, the FT-CH has a really sleek wheels and a highly futurist
Fun and innovative, colorful and stylish, with a strong appeal to
young buyers, the new Toyota FT-CH is expected to cost less than the
Prius — probably the main reason why youngsters will fall for it,
given the fact that it looks cool and won't break the bank for a trip
across the country.
Not bad Toyota, not bad.Read | Or scroll down for further on topic reading.

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