Friday, 3 December 2010

iPad iPhone OS 3.2 Secrets Revealed iPad’s OS Can be Installed on iPhone and iPod touch Too

Steve Jobs didn t mention during the official keynote what OS was the
iPad going to use and it took some digging to discover what we were
looking for. iPhone OS 3.2 is a special operating system customized for
iPad use only. That means that our iPhones and iPod touches are not
going to get a software upgrade anytime soon. But that doesn t mean that
iPhone OS 3.2 doesn t have what it takes to run on the iPhone or iPod touch.
In fact iPhone OS 3.2 shows us briefly what the next-gen iPhone OS and
iPhone will be able to deliver. It looks like iPhone OS 3.2 comes with
support for video calling and video conferencing. That s pretty weird in
the first place since the iPad can t do any of that particularly because
it doesn t have any webcam whatsoever let alone a front-facing cam
needed for video calls.
Furthermore it has been revealed that once a video call has been started
the user will be able to scale the video in either full screen or just a
portion of it. That means the user might do something else while
chatting. Do you know what we call that? Multitasking, a feature that s
not yet available on either device yet but it should definitely arrive
at some point in the future.
Other secret features of iPhone OS are file downloading support and
local storage. SMS support is also present within the code and phone
support, handwritting keyboard and a spellchecker have also been spotted.
Should we assume that iPhone OS 4.0 will bring us all these features? We
will definitely have to wait until later this year when iPhone 4G and
iPhone OS 4.0 rumors will start to pour in.
In the mean time you ll be interested to know that the OS running on the
iPad can be installed and successfully run on the iPhone or iPod touch.
Although you wouldn t want to do that, would you?

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