Saturday, 4 December 2010

JVC UX-F3, NX-D2 Hi-Fi Docks Revealed iPod/iPhone Docks Have 230W of Power, Two Docking Ports

If you like listening to music on your iPod or iPhone, but the little
Apple earbuds aren't doing it for you? Take your music to 11 with
these two new JVC iPod Dock/Stereo Systems. Each of th
e two new offerings from JVC will have two docking ports for the latest
generation iPod Touch or iPhone (which, it seems, the iPod Nano and
Classic owners are getting a little left out in the cold).
The JVC UX-F3 will be the smaller units, and will feature a pair of
two-way speakers with a total power of 60W. In addition to the
aforementioned two-port iPod dock, it'll also come equipped with a CD
player and AM/FM radio.
The JVC NX-D2 will be the higher end unit. It'll feature a three-way
speaker design and a total power of 230W. For those keeping score at
home, the UX-F3 will have two 30W speakers while the bigger one will
feature three 76W speakers. Also, like its little brother, it'll have
the same dual-iPod docking system, a radio and CD player.
Each unit will feature the same glossy black finish, as well as a USB
port, which will let you play audio files off of an external HDD or
flash drive. Both units will have their own touchscreen control panels
that will give you full control over your iPod's music selection
(reportedly giving you the same features like shuffle, scroll, repeat,
select). Other audio inputs are provided on both units, and the NX-D2
will also come with a remote control with an old school iPod like
control wheel that will let you remotely operate your docks.
The smaller JVC UX-F3 will sell go on sale in May of this year, with an
estimated retail price of $199.95. The larger NX-D2 is now on sale and
will set you back a whopping $399.95

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