Saturday, 4 December 2010

Acer Reveals 3D-Capable 120HZ LCD Display Acer GD235HZ To Integrate With Gamer-Friendly GeForce 3D Vision

Acer has launched a new top-of-the-line display for gamers and graphics
performance users that sets a new standard in display functionality.ย
The Acer GD235HZ is a 24-inch 120HZ display that is Acer's first to
offer GeForce 3D Vision compatibility for a three-dimensional graphics
The Acer GD235HZ display embraces a new set of standards for gaming and
graphics performance.ย Since next gen PC games are heavy on fast-paced
movement, the 120HZ refresh rate ensures little detail loss or choppy
playback.ย The 23.6-inch screen sports a native 1080p resolution, plus
a high contrast ratio of 80,000:1.ย These combine for one of the best
display experiences for gaming users, even when the 3D options are not
in use.
The new Acer GD235HZ 24-inch display is the first from Acer to offer
compatibility with the GeForce 3D Vision system, which will provide
three-dimensional playback when paired with the proper NVIDIA card and a
set of active shutter glasses.ย The NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision card will
cost $200 on its own, while the new Acer display will sell for $400 on
the street.ย The Acer GD235HZ will begin shipping as soon as this week.
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