Friday, 3 December 2010

Tesla Motors To Stop Production of Tesla Roadster in 2011 New Tesla Roadster Coming in 2013?

In papers filed to the Securities and Exchange Commission, Tesla Motors
has quietly mentioned that they do not plan on producing the current
Tesla Roadster model after 2011.ย Tesla hopes to produce a new Tesla
Roadster by 2013, but supply issues will cause the end of the current
model next year.
The Tesla Roadster is not only based on the design of the Lotus
Elise/Exige, but it is produced by Lotus in Hethel, England.ย Reports
suggest that Lotus will be updating its production systems and may
discontinue its current El
ise/Exige models, which would in turn end production of the current
Tesla Roadster.
Ending production of the current Tesla Roadster in 2011 could prove
dangerous for Tesla Motors' upcoming IPO.ย This would leave Tesla
without a product until its first Tesla Model S rolls out of the factory
in 2012.ย Beyond the financial constraints this will put on Tesla
Motors, this could also lead to part supply chain issues for service of
Tesla's existing fleet.
The announcement that Telsa Motors will discontinue its Tesla Roadster
in 2011 could be financially damning to the company.ย However, the $465
million federal loan Tesla received last week should help insulate the
company from cash flow problems until the first Tesla Model S hits the

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