Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Casio Green Slim Projector Revealed New Casio LED Projector Provides 3,000 Lumens, Mercury-free

At CES last month, the American arm of Japanese camera giant Casio
unveiled their newest creation, the Casio Green Slim projector, which,
they claim, is the world's first high-brightness mercury-free projector.
Casio's measure of a high-brightness projector is anything over 2,000
lumens, and with the new Green Slim coming in at 3,000, it's safety in
that category.
As Casio's press release says, until now, semiconductor-based light
sources like LED and Laser typically aren't powerful for high-brightness
projectors, and the few prototypes that have been built usually aren't
mass produced. Casio's engineers have gotten around this by combining
laser, fluorescent and LED technology.
The Green Slim projector will also have a high output of a green light,
which people in the know formerly thought was considered highly
difficult, but Casio did it via modification of a blue light. What does
this all mean? The folks at Casio have been able to produce a projector
that's powerful enough to watch a movie on a wall in a light room, with
a high-pressure mercury lamp nowhere to be seen.
All of this green tech comes in a small package. The body of the
projector will measure the size of a standard piece of paper and will
be slim at just 1.7 inches thick, and will weigh just 5 pounds. The lamp
will have a lifespan of 20,000 hours (which Casio says is ten times as
long as their conventional projectors), and can power up to full
brightness in 8 seconds flat.
On the inside, it uses Texas Instruments' DLP technology for its light
projection. No word on how big of a screen it can project, but it can
handle resolutions up to 1280 x 800. It'll have an HDMI port, as well as
USB and WiFi connectivity. No word on pricing or a release date, but
don't expect this one to be cheap.
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