Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Apple Developing Max OS X-based Apple iPad? Rumors Suggest A Full Power OS X iPad In The Works

Less than a week after its initial revelation, the world seems to have
their mind made up about the Apple iPad.ย Those who feel that this iPad
is underwhelming may want to take note, as Apple may be working on a
full-service Mac OS X-based version of the iPad.
The people at TechCrunch are hearing that Apple may be in development of
a larger iPad that runs on the full version of the O
S X platform and features a significant increase in display size.ย Even
before the Apple press conference last week, rumors suggested that Apple
was in development of two tablets.
How hard could it be to release another, more powerful iPad anyway?ย
Apple has already handled the more difficult tasks of developing the
processor, the battery, the multi-touch display and the unit's case,ย
so it is safe to assume they could expand this into a greater size with
a bit more processing firepower.ย If Apple released a 15.3-inch iPad
that runs OS X on a dual-core A4 processor, would the product have taken
such heat from the media?ย Perhaps not as much, but the name alone
still leaves plenty to be desired.
Should Apple release this new, upgraded version of the Apple iPad that
has been rumored, what might they call it?ย Perhaps since it is a
maximized version of the iPad, they could refer to it as Max …
iPad?ย Sorry, we couldn't resist.
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