Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Hasselblad H4D-40 Digital Camera Expensive Swedish Digital Camera Features 40-megapixel Censor, $20k Price Tag

We've covered cameras from Hasselblad here before, the Swedish company
produces ultra-high-end elite photography gear, and this time, they've
really outdone themselves. Their H4D line (which they pr
omote as the best medium format DSLRs – probably true) just got a
new addition with the H4D-40 DSLR, which has an incredible 40-megapixel
Don't just be impressed by the large number of megapixels, Hasselblad
wants you to know these are quality cameras. In a press statement, CEO
Larry Hansen said, The fact that our large sensors have millions of
pixels more than 35mm sensors is known, for instance, but the superior
image quality that results, in terms of color, detail, and clarity, is
not as well known.
Hasselblad includes True Focus technology that helps you deliver
accurate composing at close distances. Instead of using an autofocus
sensor like most SLRs, Hasselblad uses a yaw rate sensor that measures
the angular velocity of the camera. All the data collected by the sensor
is compiled by an on-board microprocessor, which then compensates via
the camera's lens motor. Pretty high-tech stuff, no doubt, and the
microprocessor is doing this is all fast enough that no shutter lag is
noticeable by the photographer.
The massive 40-megapixel sensor comes in at 33 x 44mm, which says is twice the size of a full-frame 35mm standard DSLR
sensor). As you can imagine, such a camera will cost a great expensive,
going on sale for $19,955. That includes the complete kit, which
includes the camera, 80mm lens and viewfinder. The camera comes bundled
with Hasselblad's Phocus 2.0 software – a photography program like
Adobe Lightroom.
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