Wednesday, 15 December 2010

27-inch iMac Being Bought Back by Apple in the UK? Apple to Offer Refund + 15% for Faulty 27-inch iMac Desktops?

The 27-inch iMac desktop seems to be the talk of the town these days. On
Monday we told you how Apple has stopped iMac production temporarily and
yesterday we ve seen how Apple officials denied such a thing from ever
happening. Today we have more rumors for you regarding the machine that shou
ld have been the flagship desktop of Cupertino.
What we hear today is pretty interesting and it comes all the way from
the UK. It looks like owners of faulty iMacs are being refunded for
their broken desktops and they are even offered a 15% premium apology
�bribe �. It seems that Apple is offering the extra money both from its
stores and through 3rd party retailers. The money comes straight from
Apple and it can amount to around $300 which is not a bad deal for
returning your flickering/yellow-screen iMac.
The same thing could happen in other markets too although nothing is
official since it hasn t been confirmed by any Apple representative. A
third party reseller has mentioned all of these to Gizmodo but that s
not officially official, is it?
Furthermore the word on the street is that 27-inch iMac LCDs are not
available in Europe at this time. Apparently there s a backlog of 230
machines waiting but there s no shipping date available at this time.
That would explain all the apology money Apple is offering to consumers
in the UK. But what about consumers in other markets? Aren t they
entitled to the same treatment?
As you can see folks, Apple doesn t have a fast out of the box solution
to any problem at all times. But at least they are coming up with other
ways to keep customers happy, aren t they?
So don t buy an iMac yet folks as the involved hassle is not worth it.
Better wait for Apple to come up with a real technical fix for this
27-inch iMac problem before purchasing your new Apple desktop. We ll
tell you all about this predicament as we wait anxiously to see what
happens next.

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