Saturday, 4 December 2010

Apple Controls 90% of Premium Computer Market Macs Make Up 90% of $1,000+ Computers Sold in U.S.

If you purchased a high-end computer in the last quarter of 2009,
there's a pretty good chance it was a Mac.ย The market research firm
NPD has reported that 90% of $1,000+ computers sold in Q4 2009 were Mac
This news suggests a surge in demand for Apple products from Q4 2008,
where just 72% of all $1,000+ computers sold were Apple products–
showing an 18% increase from that period in 2008.ย Part of t
he growth may be suggested by the fall of the average price of Mac
machines, from $1,499 down to $1,361 in the fall of 2009.
The bulk of this surge has more to do, however, with the drop in price
of Windows machines in that same period.ย The average price of a
Windows PC in 2008 was $589, down to $475 in 2009.ย The rise of the
netbook has played a large factor in Windows PC prices, where a flurry
of netbooks by Asus, HP and Dell pushed the price barrier even lower
than in recent years.ย Higher performance laptops and desktops can
still be purchased for less than $1,000, giving Apple little competition
in the premium market above that price point.
2009 also saw the rise of new high-end PCs designed to compete with
Apple.ย The HP Envy and the Dell Adamo may see a rise in market share
this year, even in spite of the recent drop in price of the low-end Dell
Adamo for $999.ย What's your take, dear reader?ย Is it safe to assume
that Apple has the premium market sewn up, or will we see a rise in high
end PC purchases thanks to a much-improved OS in Windows 7?
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