Saturday, 4 December 2010

FusionGarage Joojoo Pre-Orders Mount After iPad Debut Former CrunchPad Becomes Hotter than Apple’s iPad?

Remember the CrunchPad? That interesting Michael Arrington s project
that was supposed to become an Internet browsing-oriented tablet has
been canceled by its father but the project still continued under a
different name.
ge, the former partner of TechCrunch decided to still sell the CrunchPad
under a different branding. Called the Joojoo the product was soon
available for pre-order despite the fact that the pre-sale itself defied
the ToS of PayPal.
Although the Joojoo might be a very hot product itself, we can t be very
excited about a product which is currently disputed by TechCrunch and
FusionGarage. A trial between the two was inevitable and the later was
soon sued by the former.
While the jury is still out on this one a funny thing happened; Apple
launched its iPad, a device similar to the CrunchPad. Following that
announcement a weird report reached our ears regarding the Joojoo. It
looks like the pre-orders for the Joojoo went up following Apple s iPad
Isn t that strange? The words come straight from FusionGarage s CEO,
Chandra Rathakrishan. He went further on to say that his company has
sealed a deal with �a major mobile phone player � from Southeast Asia.
The carrier should take care of manufacturing costs of the Joojoo and
probably get a more than fair share of its future sales.
The iPad, as flawed as it might be, is supposed to be a device more
complicated that the former CrunchPad. Apple s tablet will definitely be
able to do a lot more things than simply surf the web. But it will also
be more expensive (depending on selected version) and lack multitasking
and Flash support, at least for now. The Joojoo will probably still be a
web-based device although we haven t really heard anything about it for
a while. But that s probably all that it will be able to do, surf the
web at any time thanks to a 3G and WiFi connection.
So should we really believe FusionGarage s CEO? He did not provide any
numbers to prove the pre-order increase nor did he specify when the
Joojoo will be launched. On top of that the trial with TechCrunch doesn
t look that good either and unfortunately for the former CrunchPad
project, the current Joojoo device seems rather a shady project at best.
What tablet would you choose instead of the iPad?

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