Wednesday, 15 December 2010

HP Touchsmart 600 Quad Gets i7 Treatment HP Upgrades Touchsmart All-In-Ones with Core i7 Chipset

HP has updated their all-in-one pc flagship to include a Core i7 chipset
and the GeForce GT 230M graphics processor.ย The new HP Touchsmart 600
Quad will run on the latest mark of Intel processors and keep HP's
all-in-one line competitive for the 2010 calendar year.
The new HP Touchs
mart 600 Quad all-in-one PC will feature the aforementioned Intel Core
i7 processors at 1.6GHz or 1.73GHz, up to 8GB of DDR3 RAM and 1.5TB of
HDD storage all in a slimline, 23-inch touch-enabled PC.ย For graphics
processing, the new Touchsmart 600 Quad includes the upgraded 1GB NVIDIA
GeForce GT230M, a step up over the G210 processor from the last version
of this model.
These upgrades will bring the price on the HP Touchsmart 600 Quad to
$1,699.ย The previous model HP Touchsmart 600 is still available for
$1,049, as well as a mid-grade Touchsmart 600xt which does not feature
the Intel Core i7 processors.ย The new 600 Quad version is shipping now
along with discounted RAM and storage upgrades.ย In all, this writer is
a bit surprised HP's Touchsmart line hasn't gotten more attention in the
market.ย It's a surprisingly solid tablet-y device with Windows 7 and
top-of-the-line processing, making it a sexy PC alternative to the full
line of iMacs.

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