Monday, 29 November 2010

Video: Hitler & The Apple iPad The (Seemingly) Obligatory 'Hitler Responds' iPad Video Surfaces

Yes, it s been done before with a host of products and yes some may
argue that its all getting a little long in the tooth now but having
seen Hitler s response to the Canon 7D last year (also worth watching)
we now get to see Der Fรผhrer s response to Apple s iPad and, as
expected, he s not at all happy (really, is he ever?).
In honesty, we really would have not featured this video were it not for
the fact that there s some pretty sound criticisms made here by the
video's creator; criticism s that, it has to be said, we re hearing a
lot of here at TFTS from readers " in particular the lack of
multitasking, lack of Flash support (meaning the iPad does not offer
full web support which is extremely disappointing) and, no, he s not
particularly happy with AT T getting the scoop on the iPad either.
As I say, sound well founded points raised in this video.
(Please note, as there is some choice language in the video we are
obliged to offer a parental advisory)
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