Monday, 29 November 2010

LG Joins Android Party With GW620 Android-powered LG Smartphone Hits UK

South Korea's LG has decided to finally get in on this Android thing.
Roughly 15 months after the first release of Google's Android, LG is
just producing their first Android-equipped smartphone. The phone, the
GW620, will be released exclusively in the UK with Virgin Mobile and
T-Mobile as the carriers.
The GW620 is also being billed as the LG Intouch Max by Virgin Mobile,
and it's also the fir
st Android phone for that carrier as well. As for the phone itself
(first covered by us last year), it comes equipped with a 3-inch HVGA
resistive touchscreen. It will feature a slider design with a slide-down
QWERTY keyboard.
For a camera, it will feature a 5-megapixel camera with an LED flash.
Unfortunately, it seems that LG's engineers have been working on this
thing since Android first came out back in October 2008 because they've
only bothered to include Android 1.5 on the phone – which means
you'll miss out on all the new Google apps that come with Android 2.x
and higher.
Apparently, LG, T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile are all a bit confused on
when the phone is coming out. LG originally said the device was coming
in December 2009 – it didn't, but that's fine, we've seen delayed
gadgets before. Unfortunately, T-Mobile UK's web page listed the phone
as coming in February 2010, even though users could buy the phone right
on the same page. After being mentioned in the high-profile CNET UK did
the error get fixed.
Both T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile are giving the phones away for free with
telcom service packages. We've seen a lot better Android phones, but the
attraction here is the cost – free. If you live in the UK and want
to get in on the Android craze for free, then the LG InTouch Max is for you.
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