Monday, 29 November 2010

Mvix ULTIO Pro Full HD Home Theater Media Player ULTIO Pro 1080p HD Media Center with PVR Functionality

Whilst the official launch of the Apple iPad is, understandably,
currently dominating the site lets not forget that there are other
product announcements occurring, such as Mvix introducing their new
ULTIO Pro 1080p Home Theater Media Player.
The ULTIO Pro 1080p Home Theater Media Player is a hard disk based media
player which comes in two specific models (sans integrated HDD " add
your own " and, if opting for the premium model, a 2TB hard disk) and,
aside from offering broad HD video codec support taking in H.264, MKV,
Dixv HD, MOV, VC-1 and FLV (amongst others) also comes complete with PVR
(Personal Video Recording) functionality allowing you to record TV
programming. It also, notably, comes with embedded Torrent client and
NAS (Network " Access-Servers) capabilities. Wireless N WiFi
connectivity is also on offer here but its not offered as standard
(rather, its an optional extra).
�Mvix Ultio Pro is the amalgamation of high definition media playback
and recording, � said Mike Mallon, VP of Business Development at Mvix.
�We ve been working on the personal video recording (PVR) technology for
some time and we re happy to combine HD media playback and recording in
a single device that should serve as the ultimate solution for home
entertainments and business videos. Our aggressive pricing structure
with a comprehensive set of features is likely to set highest standards
in high definition entertainment. �
Already available to pre-order the Mvix ULTIO Pro 1080p Home Theater
Media Player, as stated previously, is being offered in two versions
with the standard version (sans HDD) coming in at $169 whilst the
premium version with 2TB hard drive, comes in at $348.
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