Monday, 29 November 2010

BigTrak Returns As BigTrak Jr Iconic 80’s Programmable 6-Wheeler Gets Reinvented for 2010

If you re �of a certain age then, like me, the very mention of the
name BigTrak will conjure a particularly fond trip down memory lane and
now, if you would like to relive inputting commands such as right 90,
forward 5, fire laser you ll be pleased to know that BigTrak is set to
make a comeback in the guise of BigTrak Jr.
Set to become available later this year, though no specific release date
has been confirmed as yet, BigTrak Jr " which seemingly comes in at
around half the size of the original BigTrak, as pictured below –
will be capable of storing up to 32 programs and it ll even see new
accessories such as a rocket launcher attachment and a digital camera
though, again, details concerning these attachments is pretty sparse
right now (so we are unable to offer any indication as to the resolution
of the camera, etc).
BigTrak Jr is expected to hit retail this Summer and will carry a price
tag of some $40 (circa pound sterling30 in the UK).
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