Monday, 29 November 2010

Apple iPad vs Apple iPhone 4G, Which Will Win Out? Or What Will the iPad Bring to the iPhone 4G

We have plenty of reasons to want to buy Apple s iPad and we have plenty
of reasons to wait until Apple decides to address some of the issues it
comes with: no Flash support, no multitasking, no iPhone OS 4.0 and
other technical inconsistencies (lack of webcam, USB and microSD ports.)
But maybe we re looking at the whole picture from the wrong point
of view. Maybe Apple hasn t �fixed � some of the iPad issues ahead of
actual launch in order not to divulge anything about the upcoming iPhone 4G.
Let s start at the beginning, shall we? The tablet was rumored to be an
iPhone on steroids and that s exactly what it is. It has almost the same
design, the same black bezel, the home button, the 30-pin connector, the
same keys. But Steve Jobs failed to mention anything about the iPad s
OS. Only after a little digging the user finds out that we re talking
about iPhone OS 3.2, an OS version that s not available to the iPhone
and the iPod touch.
So what s happening to iPhone OS 4.0? It looks like Cupertino is saving
it for later. After all launching the iPhone 4G with iPhone OS 4.0 on
board does sound kind of special.
iPhone OS 4.0 might contain some of the goodies which we re waiting for:
multitasking and Flash support. Once the new firmware arrives most
iPhone versions and the iPad should be able to get multitasking. And
while multitasking seems pretty logical, Flash support might still not
be coming with OS 4.0.
Therefore it appears that Apple is ready to experiment with the iPad in
order to offer an even better iPhone experience. The iPad brings some
features which we expect to see in the iPhone 4G: new LED-backlit
touchscreen display, better battery, 1GHz proprietary chip and Wi-Fi n.
The iPad is a feasible project that runs a pretty solid OS. It also
packs some very interesting hardware solutions that might be ported to
the iPhone 4G. Considering what the competition has to offer, the new
iPhone simply has to offer a 1GHz processor if not better, up to 64GB of
storage, a long-lasting battery and a new touchscreen display. All those
resources should enable multitasking and other perks on the new iPhone,
right Apple?
And while we don t exactly need an iPad in our lives, we ll gladly
replace the iPhone 3G or 3GS with the iPhone 4G once Steve Jobs
announces it this summer. So there you have it folks, in a virtual
matchup between the iPhone 4G and the iPad, the next-gen iPhone should
definitely win.
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