Friday, 10 September 2010

HP MusicStation Takes on iTunes & Spotify New HP Digital Music Service Comes Pre-Loaded on HP PCs in Euro Zone

Working in collaboration with the British firm Omnifone, HP has vowed to
take on the mighty iTunes with a new digital music service that will see
HP working with Omnifone – a key partner of EMI Music – much
in the same way as they do with the RealNetworks Rhapsody service in the
US whereby the new service, known as MusicStation, will be pre-loaded on
a selected range of HP PCs and laptops prior to shipping in the Euro zone.
As the world's biggest PC vendor, HP has huge opportunity to create a
viable competitor to iTunes due to its scale, said Rob Lewis, chief
executive of Omnifone, who announced the new digital music service which
will target HP customers in Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain,
Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium and Austria.
Unlike iTunes, the HP MusicStation service will not be based on a pay
per download model but will be a subscription based service that will
see users paying out some 10 EUR (circa $14) per month in return for
which they ll gain access to the entire MusicStation catalogue with no
restrictions on the number of tracks the user can download to listen to
on their PC – unlike Spotify HP s MusicStation service will not be
wholly streaming based. That said, if you re looking to transfer tracks
to, say, a portable music player we should advise that you ll find
yourself restricted to transferring just 10 DRM-free tracks per month
for the given monthly fee.
With its huge scale and user base, HP's 10-country introduction
… will help encourage legitimate access to digital music content,
Rob Wells, Universal Music's digital music chief, said in a statement.
HP s MusicStation service, which comprises of some 6.5 million tracks
already offered by Omnifone, is live as of today but quite whether it
has what it takes to be a serious contender against the likes of Spotify
remains to be seen (as for iTunes, we dare say Apple are doubtless
quacking in their logo emblazoned boots).
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