Friday, 10 September 2010

HTC Supersonic Screenshot Gets Leaked HTC Supersonic WiMAX Android Phone to Feature Android 3.0; T-Mobile to Launch It

Just a few days ago we showed you HTC s leaked roadmap for 2010. Among t
hose seven hot new smartphones there was a WiMAX-ready Android handset
called the HTC Supersonic. Today we have a leaked screenshot of the
Supersonic which can only make us want to see it in stores as soon as
The Supersonic is the first WiMAX Android phone coming to Sprint later
this year and it s HTC s first smartphone in the USA that s going to
offer support for 4G technology. So why should we be anxious to see the
HTC Supersonic sooner?
It s not because of its support for 4G speeds since the Supersonic will
probably be sold only in the USA, under that name at least. While Sprint
and its partner Clear have chosen and deployed WiMAX as their next 4G
standard, everyone else is going for LTE. And LTE is a popular standard
in other parts of the world too so getting a Supersonic from the States
to any other market that doesn t have a solid WiMAX network will render
its 4G capabilities useless.
What s interesting in this screenshot above is the firmware version,
Android 3.0. That s why the sooner the Supersonic comes, the sooner we
will have Android 3.0. And I imagine other manufacturers out there will
want to use that particular version as fast as possible.
In the mean time we are waiting for Android 2.1 to be released and used
by most Android smartphone manufacturers and with that in mind I m
thinking that version 3.0 seems rather far for now.
One more interesting thing in the screenshot above is the carrier,
T-Mobile, since we know that the Supersonic will go to Sprint. Should
that make us wonder if T-Mobile has LTE plans for the very near future?
Is the company also going to get a Supersonic version? Maybe one that
comes with only 3G support?
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